Mission Statements

Our Mission Statements provide a values framework which allows us to achieve our goals in a responsible way.

Customer Service

At Miss Maud customers are very special guests.

Our warm and friendly service is considerate of our customers and sensitive to their circumstances.

As all our efforts are designed to give our customers pleasure, we strive to understand their needs and provide for these, abundantly.

Participative & Self Management

We believe that every human being is responsible for his or her own attitudes and behaviours and that each person can choose how they respond to every circumstance.

Our desire is for each individual to achieve real empowerment. To create true understanding we therefore seek to clarify both the principle and the practice.

With courage and consideration we strive to communicate openly with one another so that each may gain.

Those who lead do so by example, as coaches to the team, encouraging each player to achieve  the art of self management.


Peak Performance Program

We recognise that every human being is a powerhouse of potential which can only be unlocked by the individual themselves.

Our advanced training and motivation approach creates an environment in which the individual can permanently apply this knowledge with brilliant effect to the benefit of his or her private and working life.

In combination, the people we train to become peak performers, will, by exercising their competence, propel the company to maximise its corporate performance

Equal Employment & Affirmative Action

We believe in the equality of all people, irrespective of race, colour, creed and gender.

We provide equal employment opportunities for all based on individual merit and protect the rights of each individual.

Environmental Management

We accept that we have a corporate responsibility to care for the environment and work with our staff to seek ways in which the conduct of our business may uphold our respect for our natural heritage.

Occupational Health & Safety

The safety and welfare of all people employed by our company is of prime concern.

We undertake to provide safe working conditions,maintain safe work procedures by training staff in established safe practice, and continue to promote prevention as a normal part of working life.

Supplier Relations

To create an understanding in our team members of suppliers' operational conditions to enable them to assess supplier capacity.

To foster goodwill and friendly relations between suppliers and our team members.

To educate suppliers in our current and long term operational demands so that they understand how to shape the context of their service.

To instil in our suppliers a clear understanding of our quality standards and working together to achieve continuous improvements.

Miss Maud Academy

The Miss Maud Academy aims to educate, encourage and inspire every individual within the organisation to fulfil his or her personal and career potential, and to provide opportunities for the expression of this fulfilment.

By developing individual competence, the Miss Maud Academy is instrumental in producing measurable and sustainable contributions to the corporate achievement of the company's goals.


We are a totally customer driven organisation, with the impetus for every initiative undertaken within the company coming from the perception of its benefit to the customer.

We strive to deliver world class hospitality service and quality products; to maximise the return on our investment and be an international role model for advanced people management.

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