Video & Media Library

Here at Miss Maud , we love to share.... so we have produced a number of videos, showing the loving care and detail that goes into all of our products that are handmade, here in WA at our very own Miss Maud Bakehouse in Northbridge, or at one of pour many cafes. 

Below is a selection of our favourites :) 

Father's Day celebrations

Father's Day is Sunday, 4 September, and a special day to get together with the father figures in our lives, to celebrate all the wonderful things they do for us.  Add in a limited Miss Maud Father's Day treat and you have a perfect day!

Whistle along while choosing your favourite to spoil Dad this Sunday!

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Swedish Midsummer

Welcome Back to Miss Maud - Radio 

Miss Maud is back on the RADIO!!!

We wanted to let  all of our lovely customers know that we are back in full swing and even more Maudelicious than before, so Miss Maud created a radio advert (which aired on 94.5 and 6PR ) and a social media video to tell everyone that we are here for them and open for business.

For a Sneak Peak of the advert, watch the video appearing on social media and listen to our own Miss Maud, hot on the airways.

We hope you enjoy and remember ... stay safe!

Strawberry Flan

Remember all those good desserts that Grandma used to make? We make them just like she did: handcrafted down to the smallest detail, with carefully chosen ingredients. See how our strawberry flans are made…

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Princess Cake

What’s so special about Miss Maud’s famous Princess Cake? Well, they’re handmade by our very very clever pastry chefs, with only the best ingredients. You don’t need to be a Royal to feel like one. See how the magic comes together in this new vid!

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Made Today, Eaten Today. ..

The Miss Maud BIG salad sandwich. 

Classic Chicken & Herb Mayo Baguette 

It can be hard to find good, fresh food at lunchtime. That’s why we make everything the old fashioned way: by hand, fresh on the day. Watch how our bakers handcraft these classic chicken and herb mayo baguettes.

Gingerbread comes to life at Miss Maud 

Our Gingerbread tastes as good as it looks. Our Master Pastry Chefs Hand make all our Gingerbread using only the best ingredients, and a pinch of Miss Maud Magic. Watch as our Gingerbread comes to life.

Gingerbread Noel - Christmas

The secret to a really good Christmas is...well, a really good Noel! Watch the magic come to life as we make our festive Gingerbread Noel’s. They come fresh from the oven, are hand decorated, and ready for nibbling!

Rudolphina - Christmas

Add some magic to your Christmas table with a handmade and decorated Rudolphina from Miss Maud. It’s great for a special gift or to give the kids a magical surprise on Christmas Day. And it’s super easy to order online.


The Non Stop Sandwich at Miss Maud 

All our sandwiches are Made Today.... Eaten Today.  

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