About Coffee Bean Poll

Since 1996, Miss Maud has been inviting our customers
"To have their say in a relaxed way"
creating an amazingly accurate prediction of State and Federal election results

It's back - The Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll 2019

The Miss Maud Coffee Bean poll has been acclaimed as one of the most accurate barometers of the political climate and it's all thanks to you, our special customers!!

In the last 11 Federal and State elections, you have predicted the right outcome an amazing 10 times... and this year will be a close run race with over 50,000 coffee beans expected to have their say in the race to lead the Country in three weeks time.

Every opinion matters... Every bean counts.

Miss Maud began the Coffee Bean Poll as a bit of fun, back in 1996 when she launched the "Morning Tea Party of WA', and the fun and excitement of the first bean count was under way. Today, she still believes many people feel more at ease discussing things over a cup of coffee and are more likely to analyse, clarify and crystallise what they really think.... and is encouraging customers to get involved and express their views because 'Every opinion matters... Every bean counts'.

Coffee houses have been an important part of the community for generations and over the years, customers have discussed their views and thoughts with each other and families have used the poll to  introduce kids of all ages to the democratic process - through the easy to  explain polling station, explaining how each vote comes together to make up the community view.

Whenever you visit your Miss Maud, whether for a coffee and cake, lunch or a delicious takeaway treat, you'll be given the opportunity to 'cast a bean', and you never know who may be casting a bean with you, we've seen many political powerhouses visit Miss Maud to 'spill the beans' and to see how they and their party are performing, including Kevin Rudd and John Howard (see the below slide show)

The Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll will be appearing in Miss Maud Café's and Miss Maud Hotel and Restaurant from Tuesday 30th April, so pop in and let your bean speak for you!    

Stay up to date with all the poll news and debate at Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll Facebook page and #missmaudcoffeebeanpoll.

Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll results will be announced on 17th May in a reveal event.


  1. April 1996 The first Coffee Bean Poll for the State election.  Press coverage at the time shows customer Luci Bertoli casting her coffee bean watched by Miss Maud and Senior Executive Manger Claus Paulus
  2. October 2004 Miss Maud at Booragoon store, customers predicted Liberal Coalition win
  3. November 2007 Federal Election – “Kevin 07” campaign, Kevin Rudd visited Miss Maud while in Perth.  The election saw Mr Rudd win the election and become the 26th Prime Minister of Australia
  4. November 2007 Federal Election – The Prime Minister John Howard also stopped in for coffee and a chat while in Perth.
  5. August 2010 Federal Election.  50276 beans were counted.  A ‘Snap Bean Poll’ asked customers to list their top concerns – being health and hospitals followed by education.  Miss Maud, Melita Markey Manager Partnerships Mission Australia, the Very Reverend Dr John Shepherd Dean of Perth, Miss Maud & Georgina Sharp, Manger Fundraising & Communications, Anglicare – show the amazing results cake baked by Miss Maud pastry chefs.
  6. March 2013 State election.  Customers' concerns for the State election were Law & Order, Public Health and Public Transport.  Miss Maud and Lisa Scaffidi The Rt Hon the Lord Mayor of Perth, together with Miss Maud pastry chefs, present the results of the Coffee Bean poll on an amazing cake.
  7. September 2013 Federal Election Alannah MacTiernan, Labor candidate for Perth posts her coffee bean
  8. September 2013 The Hon. John Howard with Mr Ken Wyatt MP and staff at Miss Maud Midland
  9. June 2016 Federal Election The Hon Julie Bishop Foreign Minister and The Hon Ken Wyatt AM with customer at Miss Maud Innaloo.
  10. Staff at Miss Maud Whitfords getting ready for another Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll

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