Unbaked Frozen Savoury Products

Our Ready to Bake Savoury has been superbly prepared with quality ingredients and beautifully finished.  With no costly preparation time, portion-control and able to be freezer stored at -18°C for up to 12 months, our frozen FULL SIZE and PARTY RANGE are perfect for Food Service.

To order, contact one of our Distributors/Wholesalers.


ItemWeight per UnitQTy per ctn


Pie Beef Pie205g20
Chunky Beef Pie210g20
Steak & Mushroom Pie210g20
Pepper Steak Pie210g20
Beef Curry Pie205g20
Shepherds Pie285g12
Chicken Vegetable Pie205g20
Tuna Mornay Pie205g20
Beef, Bacon & Cheese Pie210g20
Sausage Roll160g33
Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Roll160g33
English Spinach Roll160g33
Bacon & Cheese Sausage Roll165g33
Pastie - Beef & Vegetable205g20


Party Beef Pie58g70
Party Chicken & Vegetable Pie51g70
Party Sausage Roll38g128
Party English Spinach Roll38g128
Party Ratatouille Tartlet50g36
Carton Size:331mm x 231mm x 112mm
Layer:16 ctn/layer, 8 layers
Pallet Size:128 ctns/pallet (pallet height 1160mm)


Ready to Bake Savoury... Ready in minutes!

From the bakehouse of one of Australia's most famous fine food creators comes a premium-quality range of pre-glazed, ready-to-bake, frozen savoury delights.

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