Miss Maud Cafes

Miss Maud cafés have been at the forefront of Perths café scene since 1971, when,  missing the cosmopolitan café experience of her native homeland, Sweden, Miss Maud opened her first store in Carillon City Arcade.

Today, we have 18 lovely cafés across Perth,  where you'll feel special in a very special place

We offer a wide menu of tasty treats, delicious meals and, of course great Coffee. Relax in our friendly lounge, or enjoy your Miss Maud deliciousness on the go, from our extensive takeaway cake,  sandwich and freshly baked savouries counters. 

Below are a selection of our beautiful dishes available at your Miss Maud Café . 

Whatever you choose, you're sure to find it Maudelicious!


Asian Beef Salad 

A beautiful fusion of delicious sautéed 'sweet chilli' Beef and fresh aromatic greens with bursts of coriander, fresh red chillis, onions and cashews making this salad tasty and refreshing, colourful and delicious. 


Asian Beef Salad - Miss Maud Cafe


Avocado and Goats Cheese with Poached Eggs (v)

This delicious combination has 2 perfectly poached eggs topped with creamy avocado, Goats cheese, and semi dried tomato ... all sitting on a bed of fresh rocket and more Goats cheese on a lightly buttered toasted ciabatta.


Avocado Goats Cheese Poached Eggs - Miss Maud Cafe


Strawberry Flan (v)

A dark chocolate lined pastry case filled with custard cream and crowned with beautifully glazed mouth-watering strawberries. 

Finished with  a halo of toasted flaked almonds, served with cream and a mint sprig. 


Strawberry Flan - Miss Maud Cafe

Angus Beef Sliders

Two mouth watering Angus Beef sliders. The first irresistible slider is topped with Swiss Cheese, pickle and BBQ sauce, the second with crispy Bacon, Napoli sauce, tomato and onion to create the perfect pairing. Served with chips and a light garden salad.


Angus Beef Sliders - Miss Maud Cafe


'The Best Seller' Club Sandwich

Our famous Club Sandwich - the two story toasted sandwich. 

This has been a favourite at Miss Maud for many years. The 'penthouse' is filled with Chargrilled Chicken breast, crispy Bacon and the famous Miss Maud special mayo!
The ground floor occupied with crisp fresh lettuce, tomato and cucumber.   


Best Seller Club Sandwich - Miss Maud Cafe


Devonshire Tea 

Choose from Plain or Full of Fruit! .... Two scones served deliciously warm with Miss Maud's own Very Berry Jam, fresh cream and your choice of Special Blend  Miss Maud tea or coffee.....

Need we say more :)  


Devonshire Tea - Miss Maud Cafe


Lentil & Baby Beets Salad (v)

Refreshing and light, this colourful captivating salad brings together baby beets with Lentils, Goats cheese, creamy avocado, red onion and rocket with a sprinkling of walnuts and Miss Maud's own special Raspberry Vinaigrette. Served with toasted ciabatta, this salad is a recent new addition to the menu and proving to be unBEETable. 


Lentils & Baby Beets Salad - Miss Maud Cafe


Spinach & Ricotta Crepe (v)

A feather-light crepe blanketing a succulent and irresistible Spinach and Ricotta filling,   bathing in a rich Italian Napoli sauce and finished with melted Edam cheese. Simply delicious


Spinach & Ricotta Crepe - Miss Maud Cafe


Chicken Parmi with Chips or Salad 

A favourite of most families, this succulent crumbed chicken breast is topped with melted cheese and our rich Italian Napoli sauce. Now the choice is yours.... with chips or with a light garden salad? only you can decide that :)


Chicken Parmigiana - Miss Maud Cafe


The BIG Breakfast 

A hearty breakfast that's good at any time of the day. Two rashers of crispy Back Bacon, two eggs served your way - poached, fried or scrambled and two Miss Maud chipolata sausages, along with hashbrowns,  sautéed mushrooms and fried tomatoes.... served with a lightly buttered ciabatta toast.... looking for more?
You can always add Miss Maud home style beans!! 


Big Breakfast - Miss Maud Cafe


Black Forest Slice 

A decedant and delicious classic from the Bakers at Miss Maud.  Fresh Cream and cherry infused custard with whole cherries and a hint of Kirsch liqueur, nestle between layers of moist, luscious chocolate sponge.  This masterpiece is decorated with chocolate flakes, fresh cream swirls and a red glace cherry and is the perfect treat to accompany a Miss Maud coffee when you are able to catch 5 minutes of ME time! 


Black Forest - Miss Maud Cafe


Vegetarian BIG breakfast (v)

A delicious vegetarian option which can be enjoyed all day. Eggs your way - scrambled, fried or poached served with marinated mushrooms, wilted spinach, Miss Maud home style baked beans, fried tomato and hashbrowns, served with a lightly buttered toasted ciabatta 



Veggie Big Breakfast - Miss Maud Cafe


Vegetable Frittata (v, GF)

Sweet Potato, leek, spinach and capsicum are the key to this delightfully light vegetarian frittata which is topped with sunflower seeds and served warm with a light garden side salad. 



Vegetable Frittata - Miss Maud Cafe


Hazelnut Ruffle 

An elegant and sophisticated sweet treat with layers of light hazelnut meringue filled with a delightful coffee buttercream and decorated with sliced almond skirt, fondant icing cloak with chocolate detailing, buttercream rosette and whole hazelnut.


Hazlenut Ruffle - Miss Maud Cafe


Farmhouse Pie 

Offering the enticing option of either Creamy Chicken & Vegetable OR Steak & Mushroom, this hearty 'top-crust' pie comes with lashings of your choice of tasty filling under a golden flaky pasty topper. Served with your choice of side salad: garden green, Swedish Potato or Swedish Beetroot.... this is sure to be a favourite for all ages. 


Farmhouse Pie - Miss Maud Cafe


Eggs Benedict 

Resting  on a bed of baby spinach is succulent sliced ham and two lightly poached eggs, smothered in our Hollandaise Sauce and all served on a toasted ciabatta. 

Looking to mix it up? Try our Eggs Benedict with delicately Smoked Salmon or delicious Back Bacon instead of Ham for a twist on the classic.

$17.90 - with Ham 

Eggs Benedict - Miss Maud Cafe


Crab Sammige 

A captivating and elegant speciality from Miss Maud. 

A delicate mix of soft, sweet crab, prawns and seafood combined in an egg mayo and presented on a delicate piece of buttered and toasted Swedish white bread. Finished with a crown of caviar, sprig of dill and your choice of side salad. Choose from garden green salad, Swedish Beetroot salad or Swedish Potato salad. 


Crab Sammige - Miss Maud Cafe

Texas Eggs Benedict

Add a little bit of spice to your Benedict with this twist on a classic.

Freshly made Guacamole on two slices of toasted ciabatta plays host to spicy chorizo and two poached eggs, dressed with a classic Hollandaise sauce and finished with a sprinkle of chilli flakes for some added heat.

Too good for just breakfast, this spicy and tasty meal can spice up your life at any time of the day. 


Texas Eggs Benedict - Miss Maud Cafe


Mediterranean Omelette 

A moist and fluffy omelette with a medley of Mediterranean vegetables in a tomato base served with a light garden salad and ciabatta toast. Looking for something else... we also offer a classic Ham and Cheese omelette!!


Mediterranean Omelette - Miss Maud Cafe


Our Famous Princess Cake Slice 

Miss Maud is famous for our Princess Cake slice, a Swedish classic which was so named because of the love of the cake by Sweden's Prince Carls' three Princess daughters.  

A hand crafted fresh cream dome sits on a vanilla custard, layer of apple & raspberry jam and a light and airy vanilla sponge.  This is all blanketed in a green marzipan cloak which is hand decorated with icing sugar and flowers (marzipan contains nuts, V).

A Miss Maud must! 


Princess Slice - Miss Maud Cafe


Pulled Beef Sliders 

Two beautiful Pulled Beef sliders, the first topped with Swiss Cheese, coleslaw and seeded mustard mayo, the second with Pickles, Rocket and BBQ sauce. Served with chips and a light garden salad. 


Pulled Beef Sliders - Miss Maud Cafe


Cajun Chicken Salad 

A medley of colourful flavours.... Tender chargrilled Chicken breast with avocado, semi dried tomatoes, fresh tomato, gourmet lettuce, snow pea sprouts, red onion and a sprinkling of cashew nuts are treated to a Cajun makeover with our own Miss Maud special Cajun Mayo. Served with toasted ciabatta


Cajun Chicken Salad - Miss Maud Cafe

We hope that you enjoyed this quick taster of just some of the beautiful dishes on our Café  menu. 

Want to see more? click here to find your nearest Miss Maud and see the full menu.  We hope to see you soon!

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