Temporary Closure of Business

Due to government legislation in response to COVID-19, there is a temporary closure of business,  starting from tomorrow, Thursday 26 March 2020

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To my wonderful, loyal customers, 

You will have heard media reports of businesses closing due to the necessary measures Government has taken to limit the spread of COVID-19 through our community.

As from tomorrow, Thursday 26 March, I am sorry to let you know that there will be a temporary closure of business across all our Miss Maud Stores and Miss Maud Catering.

We will keep in touch as we navigate this crisis, but for now our utmost concern is the safety of our customers and staff.

We have been serving our wonderful customers for 49 years.

On a personal note, I would like to thank you so much for your ongoing loyal support and ask you take all precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe and well.

Warmest regards



PS - Thank you so much for sharing your kind words of support at this time. Here are some of the lovely messages we've received...
(you can continue to contact us through admin@missmaud.com.au )

Heartbreaking news.  What will we do without your beautiful cinnamon buns and all the other delicious things?  Do hope it won’t be long before we see you all back again.  It just won’t be the same without Miss Maud’s coffee places. Very best wishes. Keep safe

I’m really sorry to hear you are closing, although I understand. I look forward to when you open again because I love your food. Take care of yourself and your loved ones,

I wish you & all your staff well.  I believe in the power of prayer, so I will prayer for your business, & all who work for Miss Maud's.    You will be back because your clientele love your business.  Hang in there, through this extremely tough time for so, so many & you'll have my business when we get to the other side of this hiccup (huge hiccup!?)  in our journey

Thank you Miss Maud and all your friendly and efficient Staff for your message. 

 Look forward to Celebrating when this awful business is over.

 Keep well and Safe.

So sad this has happened

Thank you and we look forward to our lovely morning coffees and lunches at Karrinyup again! You have served us well over the years and we appreciate the service and all that we have enjoyed!

God Bless and Thank you for all your wonderful lunches

Thank you and stay safe 

Sorry to hear the Closure of all Miss Maud shops.

I am 90 years old and have never experienced a Panic situation by the Politicians as it is at the moment. 

All the best for the future

Take Care

Best wishes for a speedy return to normal business.

We will be back when you open again. Stay safe

Thank you miss Maud, I will miss your coffee shops so much and will look forward to when you re open,

Thank you for your email and information.  Best regards To Your Business Kind Regards

Dear Miss Maud - It is indeed a terrible time and we feel for all of those businesses that have had to close down and their staff who do not now have jobs.   Can remember back to when you opened at Karrinyup and of course have always supported your store there and watched in amazement at the growth of the Miss Maud brand. Whatever the future holds for us all, we wish you and your staff the very best and look forward to once again enjoying some Miss Maud treats in the not too distant future hopefully.  All best wishes

I have been a patron to your restaurants for many many years and always bring my overseas visitors to Miss Mauds. I wish you well and thankyou for many lovely memories. Come back soon

As a longtime customer of yours I would

Be extremely disappointed if there were 

No "miss Maud stores any more.

You and your business is now a Perth

And western Australian land mark.  All good wishes. See you on the other side

To Miss Maud & Staff - You all stay safe, and hopefully we will see you all again soon xxxx

Wow!  I'm so sorry to hear that!   I commend you on donating your stock to FoodBank!

Such a very sad situation. We hope you won’t be closed for too long.

Dear miss Maud’s, thanks you very much for your amazing food and drinks and all of your staff I thank you for your message and you too stay safe and well and I will see and be into your stores once this virus is gone and we all come out of the virus all well take care to you and all your staff

As a regular at your Carousel and sometimes Belmont stores, thank you everyone for your excellent service.  Please stay safe and see you again when this is all over

Hope you will be able to open again soon................

Thank you and your lovely staff, particularly at Karrinyup for your restaurants, service and lovely food over the years.  

Dear Miss Maud, When all of this blows over, please consider opening restaurants with your lovely smorgasbord here in NSW. Many thanks,

Very sad.  Best wishes. Take care & stay safe

Looking forward t my next lunch with you in the near future.  Keep well

Thanks for the update.  Will greatly miss my Karrinyup store.  Hope all your staff their families yourself and your family stay safe

Dear Miss Maud and Family and Staff, Thankyou for all you have done in our community over the years. I have fond memories of having princess cake with my first and second daughter and my first grand daughter. I can’t wait til you reopen to take my newest grand daughter to have her first piece of princess cake.  Best wishes and prayers that this world crisis will soon be over and we can all resume wiser and happy again.  God bless and keep safe and well,

Sorry to hear we will look forward to your opening again 

Dear Miss Maud,  We are so sorry to hear you are closing for the time being. We’ve loved your restaurant for nearly 40 years ever since we migrated here. Yours is the BEST value meal in town!

Our boys have grown up with Smorgasbord birthdays and our youngest (now 37!!) used to call it a Small Miss Maud!! Couldn’t quite get his tongue around smorgasbord!! We have been to Pier St for family celebrations and farewells for many many years.  You were a daily comfort for my mum when my Dad whilst on holiday had a detached retina and was in Royal Perth hospital.  Also for me when visiting a dear friend who half lived in RPH due to so many health complications.. we used to sneak her out to Pier St for a real decent cuppa!  One of my sons worked for you as a cadet in the early 90’s and even I did a stint at Garden City during 98  So we as a family are linked with you in many ways and feel your closure keenly.  Our very best wishes to you and all your staff.  Stay well keep safe and we look forward to celebrating with you once open again

Thank you and all lovely staff  for years of being Cosy Corner

Thanks for your email. we'd planned to be in Perth a week ago and got busy at work in Melbourne and never made it.  We can't wait to get back there, so I appreciate your email, your thoughtfulness and concern for your customers and staff.  And well done with your food surplus in helping those less fortunate.  Please take care, look after yourselves and we WILL be back when it's safe to do so.

Thankyou Miss Maud, we wait patiently for this situation to pass and will be back for a meal when you open up -all the very best to you and your staff and hopefully see you soon

Thank you for your email.  We have loved being a part of the Miss Maud culture.  We will support you as soon as it is safe to do so.  All the very best

You will be missed.  As soon as you open your doors again, I will be shopping at your Garden City store.

Miss Maud,  It is very sad for you and all your staff as well as us your customers.  Hopefully, soon, this will all be over.  Keep safe to all.

We’ll miss u. C u soon!

Love Miss Maud’s, hurry back.  Stay safe.

So sad this business. Stay well and hope to see you when this is all settled

Thanks you for your concerns and congratulations on participating with foodBank WA there are a lot of people out there needing very basic help and the more staff and businesses out of commission the more the list will grow.

My self and our family have been long standing happy customers including being guests at your hotel in the city, currently we live in Bicton and at least weekly have a trip into Garden City and also out to Cockburn Shopping Center where we often have lunch and or coffee.

Your company name and good reputation is legendary in our household and immediate family members,  our twin daughters cut their teeth on you crusty bread as little tots and enjoyed the birthday club dinner celebrations every year, they are approaching their 48th birthday soon and frequently reminisce about “Miss Maud’s”  fantastic smorgasbords.

May we wish you all the best in whatever is in the future for you and yours stay well and this family will happily reconnect when the time comes.

Thank you for your wonderful lunches and caring staff in Perth and Garden City.

We wish you and all your staff blessings until business resumes.

Thanks for the update - good luck and stay safe.

Good luck to all staff and families, keep safe.

Thank you, stay safe and thank you for looking after us.

Sad day.  Look forward to you reopening to enjoy the food and atmosphere of your wonderful restaurants

Sad to hear this but trust me all your customers will be back because of your wonderful staff and your very tasty food

Dear Miss Maud & Staff  This has brought tears to my eyes.  I hope you can reopen once this dreadful situation has passed.  Thank you for passing on the supplies to the Foodbank, very kind. Kind regards, stay safe, stay well

Hi, I am very sorry to hear this, we are going through difficult times and hope this is resolved very quickly. My heart goes out to everyone who is being stood down from their jobs, it’s heartbreaking.  I suppose I am one of the lucky ones and I have been working from home.  My thoughts and best wishes go to you and all your employees.

Thank you for your love and concern for your staff and for your customers.  I pray that you will all be safe and I look forward to my next trip to Perth (from Albany), to stay at Miss Maud's Hotel once again and enjoy my breakfast daily and an evening meal with my Perth family.  I've stayed not only at Miss Mauds Hotel but before that, for many years, with my late Grandparents when it was The Derward Private Hotel and enjoyed the kind courtesy of the lovely ladies on Reception at The Derward when they always remembered their guests.

I always enjoy my stay at Miss Mauds and all the courtesies shown by your staff on Reception and in your Restaurant.  Stay safe and God bless you all in all you do  Lovely to see that you are supporting Foodbank too.  I'm a Retired Salvation Army Officer (Minister), not that we ever "retire" in our calling and we're still doing whatever we can, wherever we can.  God bless you all



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