2019 Federal Coffee Bean Poll Results

More hotly anticipated than a freshly brewed coffee, the Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll results
for the 2019 Federal Election were announced at a special Election Reveal Party,
held at the Miss Maud Restaurant in Perth's CBD on Friday 17th May 2019. 

Miss Maud customers have been enjoying stimulating community conversations over coffee
to determine their preference in the forthcoming Federal Election.

The beans have spoken! 

(Official media release, click here)

The beans have spoken - our wonderful customers have had their say! 
"Every Opinion Matters. Every Bean Counts."
The predicted winner in this years Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll is.... 

Beans CounteD:31,748
One Nation5.4%
United Australia3.7%

Top 3 concerns of customers for 2019 Federal election are:
Cost of living  23.1%
Health services 19.6% and
The Economy 12.9%.

"It’s never bean so good! The Miss Maud Poll has never let me down and has been far more reliable than so many other polls, which seem to have failed miserably at this election. Maybe the likes of Newspoll, YouGov, Galaxy and Ipsos should spend more time sipping coffee and counting beans! It’s “Miss Maud’s one, SportsBet zero”!

Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP,  Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care, Minister for Indigenous Health.

Labor Candidate for Stirling, Melita Markey joined Miss Maud at our Morley Galleria Cafe for a 'community conversation over coffee'... and to see what the beans were saying in this year's Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll.

It's not the first Coffee Bean Poll experience for Melita, having 'bean' a guest at the 2010 Morning Tea Party Election Reveal event when she worked at Mission Australia.  

Maud Edmiston aka Miss Maud launched the "Morning Tea Party of WA" in 1996, and the fun of the first bean count was underway as seen in the accompanying photo. 23 years later, you… our wonderful customers have helped it grow into Perth’s tastiest poll, becoming famed for its accuracy at predicting both State and Federal elections, with 10 of the last 11 polls called correctly.

Click here for more information on the history of the Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll

It's not unusual to see State or Federal politicians of the day, including former Prime Ministers, visiting a Miss Maud store to check out how customers are casting their coffee bean, to get a very accurate insight in how the community is likely to poll on election day.

This year, Miss Maud was joined by The Hon. John Howard and The Hon. Ken Wyatt, Minister for Aged Care and Indigenous Health for a discussion on the election.  But we know it was really because Mr Howard LOVES Miss Maud's Princess Cake!

This video shows John Howard's visit to Midland and his thoughts on the Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll.


The 2019  Reveal Cake was donated to local charity, MANNA, who 'Nourish the soul and give hope, one meal at a time since 1996'.


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