The annual Channel 7 Telethon weekend has been held for over 50 years
with support from the community in fundraising for vital equipment and research into childhood disease.

We've had fun contributing over the years!

  1. 1981 Miss Maud's pastry chefs created a HUGE tiered cake for Telethon.  Trucks had to carry the massively heavy cake to the Channel 7 studio, where a crane was needed to reassemble the pieces.  THEN the cake was manoeuvred into the studio, where Miss Maud explained the cake would be cut into pieces and sold for 0.20c slice to raise money for Telethon!
  2. 1981 Miss Maud with Fat Cat, and Brooke Arbery the 1981 Telethon Child
  3. Australian singing sensation Johnny Farnham (later John Farnham of Whispering Jack fame), Fat Cat and Miss Maud get ready to cut the amazing tiered cake!
  4. 1983 Our Pastry Chefs created a wonderful gingerbread house for Telethon - decorated with lollies and icing decorations.  This gorgeous gingerbread house required at least 6 men to carry!
  5. 1992 The Telethon Times announced Miss Maud to Make World's Largest Chocolate Crackle
  6. 1992 Miss Maud and team building the World's Largest Chocolate Crackle.  In order to get this amazing creation to the Channel 7 studio, trucks were hired.  When it came time for demolition, jack hammers had to be used!
  7. 1992  Telethon Times
  8. 1992 Fat Cat was always around to lend a hand!
  9. 2017 Brooke Arbery, the 1981 Telethon Child, visits Miss Maud Midland -  keeping the connection.
  10. 2018 Fat Cat and Miss Maud team members in the 2018 Telethon call centre - volunteers always love to see Miss Maud at Telethon
  11. 2018 Miss Maud and Telethon, the relationship continues - staff member Mara serves call centre volunteers

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