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Miss Maud's Wonderful World of Vikings

Hey Kids jump aboard your longship Viking boat and sail the 7 seas into unchartered lands of wonderful discoveries. You’ll find a Smörgåsbord of yummy delights set before you on the tables loaded with food treasures. Help yourself like the grown-ups or choose your feast from the Viking menu created specially for you.

Get lost in the world of Vikings (who lived 1200 years ago in Sweden, Denmark & Norway). Your very own placemat is filled with challenges, puzzles, crosswords, jokes, games and colouring-in. Perfect for all little Vikings to raid. Once dinner is conquered, return home with your gas-filled balloon flying high!

Miss Maud Birthday Club

If you are a little Viking under 12 years old, make sure you celebrate your birthday at Miss Maud. Joining our Birthday Club is FREE. You get to feast on a FREE Birthday Smörgåsbord, are given a special Birthday card and surprise gift you'll treasure! With best wishes, from Miss Maud, every year.

Join up right now! And get ready to be treated!

Complete the form below (or get Mum & Dad to help you) and then keep a look-out in your letterbox for your 'Happy Birthday' card and surprise gift.

Treasure Ahoy!


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