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Introduction To Coffee

I would like to welcome you all on a journey - the journey in search of the perfect coffee.

For some, this journey began as children in our parent’s kitchens with the smell of freshly ground coffee infusing the air with an unparalleled aroma.

For others who have newly discovered the delight of coffee, the journey has just begun and may be even more exciting.

During the journey we will travel to far away lands, lands where the hills roll green and red with coffee plants. We will discover how and why coffee plays such a part in our lives. Then we will discover the perfect coffee.

We will look into the history of coffee. We will discover where and how it is grown and blended as well as what makes the espresso process so unique. We will also investigate the skills of the “Barista”, and examine the equipment needed to make the perfect cup of coffee. Finally, we will study some of the Miss Maud coffee recipes, so that you too can achieve perfection in every cup.

So you may ask, what is the perfect Miss Maud Coffee

The perfect Miss Maud coffee is an experience. Smooth like velvet, rich in flavour, round on the palate and silky to the tongue.

The experience is sensual, sophisticated and memorable.

Shall we begin the journey?

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