Bakehouse Apprentices
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We have 3 apprenticeship streams in Miss Maud's Swedish Bakehouse for the following trades:

  • Combined Pastry Cook / Baker (this option gives you great flexibility for your future career choices)
  • Pastry Cook
  • Baker

Do I need any skills to apply?

A bakehouse apprenticeship would suit someone who enjoys hands-on work, creating beautiful products for all Miss Maud customers.  

You must have an appropriate Australian work visa, your own reliable transport (shifts range from 6.00am to 6.00pm),  and be flexible with your work time. 

We expect you'd be really enthusiastic, willing to try new things, able to take instruction and have the ability to work at a fast and efficient pace. 


What do Miss Maud Pastry Cooks & Bakers do?

  • Make all Miss Maud sweet and savoury products, including cakes, tortes, muffins, Danishes, pies and rolls, breads, foccacias, croissants, etc;
  • Kneading, cutting, moulding and shaping dough;
  • Glazing pastries and decorating cakes with cream or icing....mmmmmmm!
  • Weigh and mix ingredients
  • Assist in making new products
  • Operate baking equipment
  • Maintain the cleanliness of equipment and utensils.

What do I get to do during my apprenticeship?

As all knowledge and skills learnt at TAFE need to be demonstrated, you will get to work in most areas of the Bakehouse.  So this might include:

  • Making sponges
  • Cake finishing and decorating
  • Ovens - baking croissant, Danishes, muffins and savouries
  • Making savoury pies and sausage rolls
  • Baking our own Swedish variety bread
  • Yeast work - making Turkish and Panini breads, biscuits and cupcakes.

How long does an Apprenticeship take?

A Miss Maud Bakehouse Apprenticeship will take 4 years to complete. 


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