swedish traditions
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swedish traditions

Swedish Traditions and Festivities

One of the things I love most about Sweden are the magnificent festivities, traditions and special occasions. What an opportunity to share love, laughter and magnificent food – in abundance. We’d like to share some of these Swedish special events and traditions with you. Enjoy this little bit of Swedish Soul.

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Midsummer Eve

The weekend closest to the “real” midsummer day is when Sweden celebrates the summer solstice, the year’s longest day and shortest night with their Big Summer Festival.

The feast is usually celebrated in the heart of nature. And so the week preceding Midsummer finds Swedes “going bush” as they leave towns and cities for country cottages, camping sites and marinas.

In other parts of Europe Midsummer used to be celebrated with a great bonfire. But in Sweden, the lightest night of the year is not quite the right time for dancing around a fire. And so the bonfire was replaced by the May Pole (from earlier European May Day celebrations).

On the afternoon of Midsummer Eve, the May Pole is raised and the festivities begin. Swedes enjoy ring dancing around the May Pole, playing traditional games and singing traditional songs. Some even dress up in National costumes and dance to folk music. Afterwards, a hearty meal of new potatoes, sour cream & chives with pickled herring of different sorts is served. Beer is quaffed, schnapps is skåled“

On this magical night, it is believed that the fairies dance, trolls watch from behind trees and young women pick seven different flowers to place under their pillows, all to induce dreams about their future love.

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