swedish traditions
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swedish traditions

Swedish Traditions and Festivities

One of the things I love most about Sweden are the magnificent festivities, traditions and special occasions. What an opportunity to share love, laughter and magnificent food – in abundance. We’d like to share some of these Swedish special events and traditions with you. Enjoy this little bit of Swedish Soul.

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All Saints Day

All Saints Day


While this is not a holiday set aside to celebrate local Australian drama, it is filled with a drama all of its own. On the last weekend of October or the first weekend in November every Swedish church yard becomes a sea of light as wreaths are laid and lanterns are lit on the graves of dearly departed family and friends. This celebration throughout Sweden began in the 1900s and is a combination of two different traditions. All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

Since the 9th century a day had been set aside for honouring of the saints of the Church. One day for all saints was agreed on as there simply weren’t enough days in the year to give each saint his or her own day of honour.

The Roman Catholic Church remembered their dearly departed on All Souls’ day. It was cancelled from the Swedish calendar in connection with the reformation but reintroduced as a remembrance day that is celebrated on the Sunday of All Saints’ Day.

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