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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there really a Miss Maud, and will I see her?

Yes, there is a Miss Maud!  Our Managing Director, Maud Edmiston, is known as Miss Maud to her staff and our customers alike.  Miss Maud is very hands-on, and you are likely to see her in the kitchen, in the lounge, in the bakehouse...really, she pops up everywhere!

Miss Maud is originally from Sweden, but arrived in Perth in 1971, when she established the first Miss Maud Swedish Pastry House.  That was at Carillon City, and this store is still serving our delicious treats today!  In 1992, Miss Maud was awarded the Bulletin Qantas Businesswoman of the Year.  More recently, Miss Maud's contribution to Western Australian Industry and Commerce was recognised when she received the distinguished honour of WA Citizen of the Year, the first and only woman to receive this award.  For the full Miss Maud story, click on the History link - you will be joining a company with a great, and interesting, history!



Most locations operate on a roster basis.  We understand you may have other commitments, and we are happy to discuss how we can roster your hours to suit you.


Pay Day

Our people are paid fortnightly, with pay being deposited into their nominated bank or building society account.


What discounts will I receive?

20% discount off all products at all Miss Maud locations.


Do I have to pay for my uniform?

There is a bond for your uniform, which is deducted from your pay in easy 3 instalments.  This is refunded to you when you return the cleaned uniform.  Replacement uniform pieces are provided free of charge.


Minimum age requirements

You must be 14 to work at Miss Maud.

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