Training you will receive upon Returning To Work at Miss Maud
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Return to Work


Miss Maud Training teaches the Sweet Art of Hospitality!  Miss Maud currently employs over 400 staff who serve, on average, 60,000 customers each week and its round-the-clock bakehouse offers more than 150 products created by 26 pastry chefs and bakers, and their support team.

Our award-winning training programmes are designed to build on your existing strengths - we recognise the skills you bring from your every-day life as well as previous work experience.   We offer a truly supportive environment while you are trained, and our formalised outcomes make sure expectations are clear for all of us.

Training starts before you even meet one of your customers - you will have met your Manager, and attended our formal induction workshop, so you will have some idea of what it means to be part of the Miss Maud team.

We look forward to your contribution.

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