PARTY CAKES, PASTRIES, MUFFINS, BISCUITS AND S The Ritz Dazzle your guests with the petit-sized Caramel and Chocolate Eclairs, FruitTarts, LemonTarts, Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate coated Profiteroles. Platter $77.95 ~ 28 Pieces Sweet Dreams Melt-in-your-mouth Party Chocolate Hedgehog, Pecan Brownie, Apple & Custard and rich Caramel Slice. Platter $78.95 ~ 36 Pieces Royal Treats A petit-sized combination of Chocolate Mud Cake, Bienenstich, LemonTart and Date Crumble. Platter $78.95 ~ 42 Pieces Sweet Delights A combination of our sweet Party Caramel Slice, Chocolate Hedgehog and divine Date Crumble. Small platter $36.95 ~ 16 Pieces Petit Tarts This sweet and delightful platter of tarts includes zesty Lemon, Fresh Fruit and Chocolate Hazelnut. Platter $56.95 ~ 18 Pieces Profiteroles Our irresistible Chocolate Profiteroles and equally delicious Custard Profiteroles. Platter $75.95 ~ 36 Pieces Small Platter $36.95 ~ 16 Pieces High Tea A delightful combination of our freshly baked Party Carrot Cakes, and Jam & Custard and Raspberry Danish Pastries. Platter $49.95 ~ 30 Pieces Small Platter $22.95 ~ 12 Pieces Indulgence This tasty little platter includes the wonderfully butteryToffee/Chocolate indulgence that is Bienenstich petit sized and Strawberry & FruitTarts Small Platter $39.95 ~ 16 Pieces At Miss Maud we’re famous for our sweet indulgences.They make the ideal treat for m your function or meeting. Our assorted sweet platters are perfect for when you want t