Party Wraps No. 1 A creation to liven up any party or function! A fun-combination of Party Creamy Egg, Party Beef, Party Tuna, Party Ham and Party Chicken Wraps. Platter $69.95 ~ 54 Pieces Small Platter $34.20 ~ 24 Pieces Party Wraps No. 2 A delicious assortment of Party Turkey, Party Ham & Relish, Party Crab, Party Curried Egg and Party Chicken. Platter $69.95 ~ 54 Pieces Pita Bread Wraps A light and tasty combination of our delicious Chicken & Avocado, Sweet Chilli Chicken and Vegetarian Salad. Platter $69.95 ~ 18 Pieces Ribbon Sandwiches and Wraps A combination of our most popular Ribbon Sandwiches and Wraps. Ribbons of Cajun Chicken, Ham & Swiss Cheese and Smoked Salmon,Wraps of Beef, Chicken, Ham and Creamy Egg. Platter $61.95 ~ 36 Pieces Sushi - Cocktail Size An enticing selection of bite-sized cocktail Sushi, Smoked Salmon, Egg,Tuna andTeriyaki Chicken with Cucumber. Served with Soy Sauce and Wasabi. Platter $139.95 ~ 132 Pieces and $86.95 ~ 68 Pieces Sushi - Regular Size The famous Japanese finger food in an irresistible combination.Tuna, ChickenTeriyaki and California. Served with Soy Sauce and Wasabi. Platter $89.95 ~ 60 Pieces and $67.95 ~ 36 Pieces Sushi &Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls Regular size ChickenTeriyaki and Smoked Salmon Sushi withTofu and Prawn Rice Paper Rolls. Served with Soy Sauce,Wasabi and Hoisin Sauce. Platter $75.95 ~ 35 Pieces Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls Traditional Rice Paper Rolls filled with Tofu, Chicken and Prawn. Served with Hoisin Sauce. Platter $74.95 ~ 36 Pieces WRAPS, SUSHI AND RICE PAPER ROLLS These are all freshly made, come in a selection of mouth-watering favourites and are sure to be a winning addition to your catering.