COMBINATIONPLATTERS-IdealforSmallerGroups Gourmet Sandwiches and Wraps This platter combines a variety of our delicious Sandwiches and Wraps: Creamy Egg, Beef, Chicken and Ham Wraps with Sandwiches of Wild Alaskan Salmon and Ham & Creamy Egg. Platter $52.95 ~ 32 pieces Ribbon Sandwiches and Sweet Tarts Smaller groups are easier to cater for with this sweet & savoury combination. Ribbon Sandwiches of Camembert & Cranberry, Smoked Salmon, Ham & Swiss Cheese and Cajun Chicken cleverly separated from Lemon, Fruit & Hazelnut Chocolate PetitTarts. Platter $58.95 ~ 12 Ribbon Pieces, 9Tarts Ribbon Sandwiches and Wraps A combination of our most popular Ribbon Sandwiches and Wraps. Ribbons of Cajun Chicken, Ham & Swiss Cheese and Smoked Salmon,Wraps of Beef, Chicken, Ham and Creamy Egg. Platter $61.95 ~ 36 Pieces Baguettes and Gourmet Sandwiches This clever combination delivers: Baguettes of Ham & Creamy Egg and Cajun Chicken. Sandwiches of Big Salad, Cream Cheese & Avocado and Curried Egg. Platter $50.95 ~ 20 Pieces PS AND SLIDERS vered to stores so that our generous platters Vegetarian Sandwiches Extravaganza This includes the Miss Maud favourites – Big Salad,Avocado, Cashews, Cream Cheese & Salad, and Curried Egg. Cut into quarters. Platter $50.95 ~ 20 Pieces Low Gluten Sandwiches A combination of Chicken & Avocado, Ham & Salad and Gourmet Salad Sandwiches made with Gluten-Free Bread. Cut into quarters. Small Platter $35.95 ~ 12 Pieces 97% Fat-Free Sandwiches 97% FAT FREE Want something a little lighter but still bursting with flavour? Try our 97% Fat-Free Sandwiches including Beef & Chutney,Turkey & Cranberry and Ham & Salad. Cut into quarters. Platter $50.95 ~ 20 Pieces Baguettes No. 1 A satisfying combination of our tasty Multi-Grain andWhite Baguettes, including Chicken & Avocado, Ham & Creamy Egg, BLT and Chicken & Salad. Cut into quarters. Platter $59.95 ~ 24 Pieces Baguettes No. 2 Savour a variety of tastes with this best seller which includes Cajun Chicken, BLT, Chicken & Bacon and Continental (Ham, Chorizo, Cheese and Salad). Cut into quarters. Platter $59.95 ~ 24 Pieces VEGETARIAN LOW GLUTEN Made with gluten free ingredients on a site where gluten is present. 97% FAT FREE 97% FAT FREE