World Coffee Producers
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Coffee Producers

World production of beans can be broken down to:


65% Central and South America
25% Asia/Pacific
10% Africa

The key coffee growing nations are:

South America Brazil 32.6 million bags per annum
  Colombia 11.5 million bags per annum
  Venezuela 1.15 million bags per annum
  Equador 1.12 million bags per annum
Central America Mexico 4.08 million bags per annum
Asia/Pacific Indonesia 7.35 million bags per annum
  Thailand 1.38 million bags per annum
  Papua New Guinea 1.01 million bags per annum
  Vietnam 5.8 million bags per annum
Africa Ethiopia 3.8 million bags per annum
  Kenya 1.02 million bags per annum
  Uganda 3 million bags per annum
  Côte D'Ivoire
Other India 5.02 million bags per annum

Coffee is known by its port of “export”. Many plantations come together to produce one export item and the coffee from large plantations is mixed with small farmer’s crops. Hence we have names such as Brazilian Santos (Santos being the port of export).

The exact flavour of each coffee bean is influenced by where it is grown. Key factors include the different type of soil the bean is grown in, the way the beans are cultivated and the method of picking.

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