Roasting and Blending
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Roasting and Blending

Roasting differs from country to country. In European countries, the beans are usually roasted to a rich chestnut brown.

Each roaster uses their own blend, usually made up of three to eight types of green coffee. The beans are roasted at a temperature of 170-230ºC, the process taking from fifteen to twenty minutes. During this process internal gases swell the beans, and cause an increase in volume of about 60% with a weight loss of approximately 12-18% depending on the specific type of Coffee Bean and the actual roast temperature of the batch.

Miss Maud coffee beans are roasted using the batch roasting method. This method roasts beans by tumbling them in a rotating horizontal drum. The drum is heated by a gas fire beneath. Extraction fans draw away any smoke & fumes when the roasting has reached its peak. The master roaster then opens the front of the barrel for the beans to spill forth into the cooling tray.

Once the bean has completed the roasting process, it is immediately cooled by air to seal the flavour and aroma of the bean. It is imperative that the beans be cooled quickly to prevent them from continuing to cook during the cooling process. Straight from the roaster, a sample of the beans is taken for Quality Assurance to check for correct flavour and color. In addition to the educated palate of the master roaster, a quality assurance team inspects & tastes each batch before packaging and distributing the roasted beans to individual Miss Maud shops.

The degree of roasting dictates the final taste of the coffee. A lighter roast will exhibit more acidity, more fruity notes and more sweetness. As the roast darkens, the sweetness and acidity reduces. The coffee becomes mellower, some sour notes come into play and bitterness becomes more noticeable. Miss Maud espresso is a medium roast.


The goal in blending is to have a balanced complex flavour in which the negative characteristics of some coffee beans are countered by the characteristics of other beans in the mix.

A sweet complex flavour with a mellow after taste is the hallmark of a fine blend. The coffee should be balanced so that no single element dominates the cup.

Miss Maud coffee is a special blend of the finest Arabica beans, sourced from 5 different countries, including Brazil, Ethiopia and Guatemala.

The body is light and elegant. The flavour is both rich and well rounded, smooth and naturally sweet, low in bitterness with no rough or unpleasant after taste.

Our special blend is designed specifically for coffee drinkers who enjoy milk based coffee.

The beans have been roasted to a medium dark mahogany color.

Miss Maud coffee is unique to Miss Maud. The blend is a custom design, created solely to satisfy the needs of Miss Maud customers.

The high quality of this blend guarantees an exquisite experience. After the first cup, a second should be craved to complete the journey.

Unique, distinct and delicious.





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