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Catering Info - Enjoy Miss Maud catering at your next function

Need catering for your next meeting, function or event? Our mouth-watering catering options include gourmet sandwiches and baguettes, party savouries, fresh sushi, continental antipasto and cheeses, fresh fruits and salads, and our famous range of Miss Maud sweet treats.

Choose from more than 60 fresh and delicious platter options, all beautifully presented in our customised packaging. Our catering platters are ready to serve and easy to clear away. You can even choose to have your order delivered or collect it yourself!

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Here's a taste of some of our delicious catering options on our ready-to-serve 25x45cm platters....

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  Gourmet Sandwiches, Baguettes and Wrap Platters 

Gourmet Finger Sandwich Platter - Catering Perth
Gourmet Finger Sandwich Platter

Baguette Platter Number 1 - Catering

Baguette Number 1 Platter

Pita Wrap Platter Number 1 - Catering
Pita Wrap Number 1 Platter

Party Savoury Sensations, Croissants and Quiche Platters 

 Party Savoury Combo Number 1 Platter - Catering
Party Savoury Combo Number 1 Platter

Mini Croissant Platter - Perth Catering
Mini Croissant Platter

 Party SavouryCombo Number 2 Platter - Catering
Party Savoury Combo Number 2 Platter


Gorgeous Fresh Sushi

Cocktail Sushi Platter :: Miss Maud Catering Perth

Cocktail Sushi Platters

Sushi Cones Platter :: Miss Maud Catering Perth

Sushi Cones (Temaki) Platter

Sushi Platter :: Miss Maud Catering Perth

Sushi Platters


Antipasto, Cheese, Fruit, and Fresh Gourmet Salad Platters 

Antipasto Platter - Perth Catering Services
Antipasto Platter

 Fruit Platter - Catering
Fresh Fruit platter

 Cajun Chicken Salad Platter - Catering
Cajun Chicken Salad Platter


Delicious Miss Maud Cakes, Muffins, Pastries and many other Sweet Platters 

 Petit Tart Platter - Perth Caterers
Petit Tart Platter

Sweet Dreams Platter - Catering

Sweet Dreams Platter

 Assorted Party Muffins and Danishes Platter - Perth Caterers
Assorted Party Muffin and Party Danish Platter


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