2013 Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll
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It's been a part of the unofficial political landscape for 17 years, and this State Election is no different.  Coffee lovers who visit any of Miss Maud's 17 coffee shops and restaurant have the opportunity to make their choice known by dropping a coffee bean into one of the instore 'polling booths' throughout the City and metropolitan area.

The big issues of the day - Public Transport, Housing Affordability, Education, Utility Charges and Law and Order - are already igniting debate across WA, and what better way to put the world to rights than over a stimulating brew or two?

Miss Maud's instore survey asks customers about their top three issues, stirring up some stimulating conversations.  Currently, the top three concerns are:

  1. Law and Order
  2. Public Health
  3. Public Transport

"Something as simple as our poll using coffee beans allows tens of thousands of West Australians to get involved.  Taking time out to chat with friends over a cup of coffee formulating their own views, seeing parents explaining how voting works to their children - it's so visual, you can see how democracy actually works and what your community thinks in a lighthearted, relaxed way" said Miss Maud, President of the tasty "Morning Tea Party of WA."

Here's what our customers are saying....


City: Miss Maud Swedish Restaurant | Pier Street | Carillion Perth | 160 Central (Paragon) | West Perth
Surburban: Belmont | Carousel | Cockburn | Garden City | Innaloo | Karrinyup | Midland | Morley | Warwick

 Customers of Miss Maud Swedish Restaurant, Perth

This is a great idea!  I have participated each election year.

My top 3 issues are law, order and public safety; public transport/congestion & homelessness.


Customers of Pastry Shop, Pier Street, Perth

Our health system needs to be reviewed.  It is so hard for patients to book into a doctor.  Waiting times at hospitals are too long.


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


Stop selling Austrlaia to foreigners - farms, mining, business etc.


Customers of Carillion City, Perth

More facilities for kids in State primary schools.


Listen to the people.


Customers of 160 Central, Perth

Interesting to guage the feelings of those in our area before the election.

The amount of homeless in Perth and Perth rents are way out of control and needs attention before new railways/transport.


Customers of West Perth

We all have a right to feel safe in our own homes, on the roads and when we are out.  Our childeren deserve a good education and ny child with literacy issues should not "fall between the cracks".

Today's generation of children rely too much on technology.  You take away the technology and they don't know squat!  Which is why fundamental child literacy/education is so important!

 Hope everything that is promised is delivered.


Customers of Belmont

Housing affordability is an issue that really needs to be addressed.  People are receiving Homeswest assistance when they are not eligible and displacing those truly in need.  Without a roof over your head, a person has no stability of strong foundation to build a future.

Government money could be saved if there was less spent on free travel and other privileges that retired politicians enjoy.

What a fun, fantastic idea - a great idea to get us thinking and "brew" over this upcoming election.

The best. It's relaxed. Its friendly atmosphere... and excellent value & courteous staff. I love it!


Customers of Carousel

Not happy with Sunday trading.  Family time being eroded - this includes late night trading (apart form Thursday night).

A plan connecting outer suburbs and facilities for those more removed from the centre 10km around the CBD!

So many things need attention...


Customers of Cockburn Gateway

If all the promises made by Politicians were fulfilled, we would live in a perfect World!

Being a senior citizen, I feel utility charges should be lower and be able to feel safe in public places.  That children should be taught education in an enlightened manner.


Customers of Garden City

Less money wasted on grandstanding such as Elizabeth Quay - just imagine the houses that could have been built if not for Barnett's folly.

Is a true indication of what the majority thinks.

We need to put more funds into public health; child literacy/education and law, order & public safety.  Take care of our sick and mentally ill, educate our young and provide safe streets.


Customers of Innaloo

Olfd homes in our suburb are being demolished and three units being built in place of every one.  This results in three times more people, three times more cards and the same old roads!

I'm always interested to find out the results of Coffee Bean Poll -  usually very accurate!

Education is very important as English isn't very good when they leave school - can't even spell!


Customers of Karrinyup

Hope everything that is promised is delivered.

Being a senior woman on my own, no partner, housing (rental price) is getting very difficult to manage.

It's always good to give the Public, at large, a place where they can actually have "their" say.


Customers of Midland

Kids love it!

This is a great idea as it helps to stimulate the Community into taking an interest in the forthcoming election.  Maybe it will urge some to think rationally about how they place their vote.

I believe we look after our own people before looking afte rrefugees and look after the older poeple, more medical care.


Customers of Morley Galleria

If educated you will have a job so no need to break the law.

It's awesome! Bean there done that!


Customers of Warwick

The coffee bean poll helps those who are NOT sure of their vote.  Great idea!

Age pensioners and poeple on Centrelink payment are doing it tought at present.  Action is needed to increase employment and activity OTHER THAN in the mining section.


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