2010 Federal - What Beans Means To You
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What does the Miss Maud Bean Poll mean to you?  Here's a selection from the thousands of responses from customers of our various locations.


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 Customers of Miss Maud Swedish Restaurant, Perth

Connoisseurship defined; the epitome of the multicultural tapestry that is Australia. Vote Miss Maud for Prime Minister!


Customers of Pastry Shop, Pier Street, Perth

A carefree way to show just how far in front Abbott really is! But come the real things...


Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll is not only a place to have a really good coffee - it is coffee that stimulates the senses of relaxation, friendship and love.


Walking in for coffee and croissants looking across and finding the Libs are ahead in the count made my day. Go the Liberals.


Customers of Carillion City, Perth



A wonderful innovation as we are supposed to be democratic to see the will of the people.


Customers of 160 Central, Perth

A wonderful chance to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of coffee in a warm quiet space and think over life and how the policies of political parties may effect us all. I congratulate Miss Maud over many years for conducting such a worthwhile poll.


Great. I like the idea of seeing other people's opinion. Perhaps we should think and vote for the party that gives Australia a good future.


Customers of West Perth

Awesome and quite funny!


Very relevant. People sensible enough to frequent Miss Maud are well qualified to run the country.


Fantastic. It helps the general public to vote easily and not be harassed and stressed by voting booths. It gives us a chance to know the public's opinion of the parties.


I think the Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll is a good idea because when we came in (my husband and I) he was being a grumpy bum and putting the bean into the bean poll put a smile on his face! Thank you Miss Maud!


More relevant than the worm.


Customers of Belmont

Visuals speak a 1000 words. Sometimes better to see than hear people's opinions.


Realistic and far more inspiring than the great debate. Best of all - no worm.


An excellent way to show the average person's view on important factors affecting us all and allows everyone to have their say.


The best. It's relaxed. Its friendly atmosphere... and excellent value & courteous staff. I love it!


A wonderful, accurate, fun community poll which involves everyone in an open way.


While enjoying a hot cup of coffee we debate the choices as a community and showing an interest in what our government can achieve to make this special country a better place to live.


Showing the people of the community the interaction and compassion for other countries well-being and this is also showing freedom of choice while enjoying a cup of coffee.


Customers of Carousel

As valid as any other poll, we think Julia is a doll and Abbott and 2 Bishops has to be there to beat the lady with red hair.


Very interesting and perhaps the pollies should take note.


Wonderful. It would be fabulous if WA turns the national tide.


An effective and efficient method to gauge the real people's real opinion on important matters.


Symbolic of which party is preferred by the people. A chance to let politicians know that they need to lift their game - or else!


Probably more accurate than the real thing because everyone knows a Miss Maud customer is astute.


A bit of fun and a true indicator of public opinion has been proven right in the past as a mood barometer.


Here is where I meet my friends and discuss over coffee time to vote for our favourite candidate for PM of Oz.


An exciting way of showing that everyone cares for our country. It also shows leadership with Miss Maud taking the lead and getting people involved.


I think the Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll is a good idea, it will be interesting to see who comes first. I will be glad to take part in the poll. I would like to see Labour win as long as the PM keeps her promises.


I would like Labour to give the pensioners a good rise. We have not had one in sometime. It is not easy living on a pension the time you pay for rent and bills, you do not have much left for food.


Being with my friends discussing what we like to see in the new PM over a cup of coffee.


You don't have to be a bean counter to know we ar all losers at election time.


A good indicator from each store whether it is a Labour or Liberal safe seat.


We think the Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll is an excellent opportunity to anonymously voice your opinion on current political agenda, whilst keeping informed about popular local interests.


A means of expressing our view without being pressed by politicians and phone polls.


Very exciting to sit and chat with my friends, have a hot coffee, a choice cake and vote for my country.


Great fun. It allows for discussion between friends as to this country's future. Anything that opens people's minds can only be for the good.


I like Mr Bean's show on TV. I like beans on toast. I like Election Beans most as it makes me use beans to vote.


A good indication of how the locals are thinking. I have been a Miss Maud customer for twenty years and have voted with my bean for many of those years. My girls, when they were little loved to watch the bean sliding down the tube.


Creates interest among your customers. Every bean counts. Every human being counts. Enjoy the good service and food divine at Miss Maud Carousel.


A humourous way to inspire people who meet for a coffee or lunch to have a discussion and let others know their opinions too.


Fantastic! The Poll certainly seems accurate and what a unique way to generate talk and discussion, both in the cafe and the wider community.


A time when I met my friend and discussed who will be our next PM. We both voted two different parties.


Customers of Cockburn Gateway

Beanevolent and beaneficial to all us light hearted beanings. It's just bean great!


I think the Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll is great. It will encourage your customers to be liberal with ideas and labour for a cause.


Customers of Garden City

A bloody good idea.


The best.


A great tool/idea to brighten my day each morning when I come to buy coffee.


It puts a bit of fun in a boring campaign.


Rigged! The Morning Tea Party wins every year.


Tops. Election numbers now seem determined by the coffee beans. Good on you Maud, get it right and put the Labour ranks to flight!


The best coffee just right, made with love. So it's a PR exercise but that's ok. They do it for concern I think.


Fun and anything that encourages people to have an opinion is good. I would like to see a ban on 'professional' polls at election time.


An exemplary illustration of Australian democracy in action. Demonstrating that ordinary Australians can exercise their political freedom in the relaxed atmosphere of their coffee shop.


A lot of fun and much more enjoyable than answering questions for 5 minutes on the telephone in the middle of trying to cook dinner!


A very down to earth way of voting. Very uncomplicated.


A funny, fantastic opportunity to gauge the feelings of the community about federal politics, especially after a great coffee.


A highly imaginative and totally unobtrusive way of gauging public opinion. It brings an element of fun into an otherwise boring election campaign.


Great fun and good for a conversation starter with strangers.


Fantastic idea - real cool and trendy update! I like it, keep it up!


Customers of Innaloo

Let's hope the bean works its spell, but who will we cannot tell.


Good Aussie fun!


Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll is the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing I think of at night - it's true!


An opportunity for people to put forward ideas to build and consolidate wonderful Australia.


A novel measurement of people's thoughts.


A fun way to keep interested in politics.


A little bit of light hearted fun in otherwise disturbing times.


A great eye catcher and a source of amusement for passers by and it may also affect the outcome of the election, maybe!


Free and fair for those who care and indicates a poll to share.


I think the Miss Maud Coffee Bean Poll is estimating the sway of the people voting in the next election.


Excellent, as it demonstrates the broad cross section of our community that enjoys the conviviality of Miss Maud coffee houses.


Customers of Karrinyup

If you don't save the planet, all else is of no consequence. Mining bosses are very greedy.


A good opportunity to have your say in a quiet manner but one that reflects the general consensus of the community.


A great idea. It gauges public opinion, a bit like the old soap box on the street corner. People should be interested in that which governs our lives.


A great idea - have a coffee and contemplate our political future.


An excellent way to show the average person's view on important factors affecting us all and allows everyone to have their say.


Dash Julia's dreams.


Bring back Rudd!


'The Economy' is a means not an end.


If our own 'home' is in order then everything else will fall into place.


Customers of Midland

Coffee beans and politicians have a lot in common. What you see and what you get as an end result are totally different.


A very interesting and enjoyable way to cast an impromptu vote, makes me feel appreciated.


A fantastic idea as most people are disillusioned with the current government and are suffering especially the aged pensioners. We really need to get confidence.


A great gauge to what the public think. Miss Maud attracts people from all walks of life, therefore provides a non-biased overview of public opinion.


Certainly created a debate over coffee at Miss Maud. Now prepared for 21st.


The Coffee Bean Poll is excellent and fun as it allows you to see instantly how the people feel!


A fantastic idea, everyone can have their opinion without getting into a huge 'debate' about the ins and outs of why which party should win.


Customers of Morley Galleria

The best way to see who will be the 'has beans'.





It's awesome! Bean there done that!


Means everything, love it.


Don't bother with the other polls. It's the Bean Poll or no Poll.


Miss Maud Coffee Bean to me is a source of refreshment and happiness. When I have it, it's like having a very close friend to me, it lifts up my spirit.


What's in a Bean? An adrenalin rush, clarity of thought. Three years of mistakes, wastages and a knife in the back. For a better tomorrow one has to vote Liberal today.


Coffee beans from Miss Maud's is something that you can afford.
Smooth and rich it hits the spot, a refreshing cup that means a lot.


Customers of Warwick

Good fun and something we have enjoyed participating in over the years.


Brings the community together.


More accurate than using an octopus.


An additional service to her customers and much appreciated by her loyal Senior Citizens.


A good fun idea to keep people interested in politics and to encourage them to act.


Investing in schools is not a waste.


Very relevant. People sensible enough to frequent Miss Maud are well qualified to run the country.


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